For 2018 we introduced Essentials in Public Administration, a program targeted to our newer public administrators. The introduction of this program coincided with the addition of two new categories of SAPA membership: New Professional and Associate Fellow.

Essentials gives new public administration professionals in state or local government an opportunity to learn more about relevant issues of state public administration and to network with one another and with mid-career and senior public administrators in New York State. Participants are nominated for the program by a SAPA Fellow or a senior manager in their state agency or local government.

New Professionals eligible to participate in Essentials include individuals:
• Seeking a managerial position with state or local government in NYS
• Recently hired in a managerial position with state/local government in NYS
• Newly promoted to a managerial position with state/local government in NYS

Senior SAPA members are invited to attend New Essentials sessions to network with and mentor the promising New Professionals who are participating in this program. See  Essentials Mentors and Program Administrators.

For more information send an email to Essentials Program Director at