State Academy Awards

The State Academy for Public Administration (SAPA) has two principal public service award categories 1) Public Service Excellence Awards, and 2) Nelson A. Rockefeller Award.  More information below:

The New York State Academy for Public Administration’s 2023 Public Service Excellence Awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 in person at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy and via Zoom

This SAPA event was co-sponsored by the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, and the New York Capital Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants. During the Excellence Award ceremony, SAPA also recognized the 2023 graduates of the Stephen L. Schechter Essentials Public Sector Leadership Program.

This year’s SAPA Public Service Excellence Awards will go to 3 individuals, 3 teams, with 1 honorable mention as follows:

  •  Lindsay Foote, NYS Office of Medicaid Inspector General
  •  Tom Congdon, NYS Department of Public Service
  •  William J. Gall, Livingston County Office of Emergency Management received the Robert D. McEvoy Local Government Service Award
  • Bureau of Special Hearings Team Award, NYS Office of Children & Family Services
  • Javits Center Convention Team
  • Domestic Terrorism Prevention Unit, NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Honorable Mention to:
Sherry Amarel, NYS Office of Inspector General (NYSIG)
Association of Government Accountants Award:
Laura Stetson, Director of Federal performance Management, NYS Division of the Budget
2023 SAPA Essentials Graduates recognized during the ceremony:
  • Alice Antwi
  • Camine Berghela
  • Lynn Crocetta
  • Alexandra Defrancesco
  • Kaylynn Enright
  • Tyler Feane
  • AAliyah Fernandez
  • Maxwell Ferris
  • Carolyn Franzese
  • Colin Henehan
  • Alexia Holden
  • Philip Kane
  • Justin Kalinkewicz
  • Joanna Kaufman
  • Jordan Koster
  • N’cola Lewis
  • Stephanie Lord
  • Andrew McMahon
  • Kimberly Morigerato
  • Kara Napoli
  • Erin Perez
  • Juan Carlos Posada
  • Alberto Pruett
  • Kayla Ripepi
  • Wenqian Robertson
  • Shakera Tems
  • Kristen Vacca
  • Candie Williams
  • Brian Warrington

The 2022 Public Service Excellence Awards ceremony was held via Zoom and in person on Wednesday May 18, 2022 at Rockefeller College, UAlbany Downtown Campus Milne 001.  If you missed the award ceremony and would like to view it, you may do so here.

For 2022 SAPA Public Service Excellence Awards were awarded to 3 individuals, 2 teams and 2 honorable mentions as follows:

  • Greene County Department of Human Services for the Senior Angels Program
  • Office of General Services for the Consolidated Warehouse and Distribution Operations
  • Lilliana Estrella-Castillo from NYS Division of Human Rights
  • Shannon Cantiello from the NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
  • Mario Roefaro from NYPA (NYS Power Authority)

Honorable Mention to:

  • Maria Whyte from Erie County Government
  • Robert Stutz from NYS Divisoin of Veterans Affairs

The Capital District Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants Awards were awarded to:

  • Kenneith Kasper, Director of Internal Audit – NYS Teachers’ Retirement System

2022 SAPA Essentials Graduates Acknowledged During the Award Ceremony:

  • Lauren Ayers
  • Alyson Baker
  • Jacklynn Blanchard
  • Aja Griffiths
  • Catherine Kramer
  • Gabriella Cebada Mora
  • Marilyn Moore
  • Natasha Malchak
  • Susznne Pendergast
  • Justin Perkins
  • Jane Raffaldi
  • Jessica Smith
  • Ryan Trevas
  • Elizabeth Vanasdale

2020 Public Service Excellence Awards were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.

For A Listing of Past Awardees